Case Studios

AVI-SPL / Visual storytelling as an effective sales tool

AVI-SPL is the world’s largest and most trusted AV integrator, providing high-end technology and services to fortune 500 companies. AVI-SPL had a need to create powerful video content in order to assist their sales team in communicating the different products and services they offered. Myself, partnered with Spark Studios, traveled to AVI-SPL's current partners around the U.S. and interviewed their top directors and technology managers as well as filmed footage of how the products were being utilized. This footage was then edited into powerful 2-3 minute videos.

For over 3 years we traveled to the most high-tech companies and interviewed dozens of executives, tech managers, and sales teams in an effort to capture the real story of how AVI-SPL's technology has helped these companies launch them into the future. These companies include Boeing, Los Angles Metro, Flemings, Invenergy, Citrus Bowl and more. 

AVI-SPL was very effective in using this video content we created to sell their products and services to other fortune 500 companies. Visual storytelling is a powerful medium in which to communicate and I'm excited to be an integral part of that process. 

Dylan Melcher