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Feedback Straps / Communicate the whole story

Feedback Straps creates environmentally conscious handmade guitar straps, camera straps, ukulele/mandolin straps and leather bags. Sarah, the owner/founder approached me to create a film about her story. We sat down over a few beers and chatted about what this video could look like. We talked about films, music, favorite pastimes etc. I wanted to get in her head and understand where she came from, why she started the company and where the company is going. 

After some fun discussion, I realized the company started from very humble beginnings. It was simple, she found 1 camera strap at a yard sale and realized this was her calling. Then I started to dig in to why she continues to create these straps- for the dreamers and doers. And finally, style? What were her favorite films and what kind of voice does her company have? We discussed some Wes Anderson films and she mentioned that Feedback is a company that is light, fun and doesn't take itself too serious. 

I create films to communicate who a company or person is. It's not as simple as, "show up and shoot.". No. There has to be more thought. You have to analyze why something exists and why you're pointing the camera in a particular direction. Enjoy this story. 

Dylan Melcher