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Same Path, Different Times.


Meet Scotty; a 71 year old traveler, adventurer, motorcyclist, cook, lover and hiker. I would argue he doesn't move and talk and act like a 71 year old. He's funny. He's strong. I met him randomly in Horse Thief Campgrounds in the Black Hills, South Dakota, while camping there for 2 nights. Every time I rode my motorcycle by his campsite he would wave with a big smile. His campsite was positioned near the front entrance of the campgrounds, so this friendly exchange happened often. Eventually, we struck up a casual conversation about the weather.

Later that day, Scotty approached my campsite and offered a sweet treat as a friendly gesture- a Chocolate Cherry Cake. 

During the cake exchange, Scotty gave me his story. When he was 30 years old he quit his corporate job and went to work on a fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Since then, he hasn't looked back. His life has been filled with music festivals, motorcycle road trips across the USA, National Park camping and great relationships. Based on meeting and talking with him, I could only hope my outlook on life is similar to his when I'm 71 years old. 

Until this point, my sugar intake has been very little. For breakfast I eat eggs. For lunch I eat a turkey wrap. And for dinner is usually some form of meat with beans and a veggie. But this time, considering this friendly gesture, I was prepared to eat all the sugar. For dinner, we cooked salty ass sausage with beans and greens. The cake was a perfect finisher. 

Needless to say, I smoked that cherry cake. It was way to much food for me. But I ate in anyway. Scotty and I made plans to meet up at the Black Hills Bluegrass Festival next year. And maybe Sturgis. I hope these moments come to realization. Till next time. 

Dylan Melcher